Community leader James Martin

Was a pleasure to interview a hard working community leader James Martin for Stretton who is a long-term local with a passion for his community.

He has worked closely with Duncan Pegg MP since he was first elected to Parliament. Representing community members and organisations – helping them get the assistance and representation they deserve.

Duncan Pegg ‘s hard work and commitment to his community is well known in our local area and James Martin has been there every step of the way. Fighting for quality schools, health care, better roads, and public transport.

With the challenges our community and Queensland now face as a result of COVID-19, James knows that it is more important than ever that we continue the work of Duncan Pegg, supporting Annastacia Palaszczuk MP and the Labor team. Protecting Queenslanders and kick starting the Queensland economy.

Wish you all the best for the upcoming election James

Community Impact – “Making a difference”
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