Bob S Pillay, Legal Services

The harder you work for something, the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it. Bob Pillay operations manager of cornerstone law offices and the founder of My Workplacement a very successful person who came to Australia as a high scholar gives advice on how to land their dream jobs.

Bob Pillay is a firm believer of educating people from different ethnic,countries, background about what Australia is, “Multiculturalism is one thing but an integrated Australia is another dream entirely”. Cornerstone law offices supports community works and events.

Practical experience is very important in a workplace. My Work-placement is mainly founded to help students to get experience which will help in finding their future career. “Education is like a black belt in martial art, the real training starts after”. Students works hard to pursue high education and qualifications, to get the career started students need some experience so to help those students Bob Pillay started My Work-placement to give practical opportunities not just education.

Thank you Bob Pillay for sharing your journey with us

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