Community Impact Khush Ghai, Brisbane, Australia

The president of Brisbane Cricket League inc. Kush Ghai hails from a small town Dakoha, Jalandhar Cantt , Punjab India. He migrated to Sydney, Australia in 2007 at the age of 19 to pursue his dreams and settle in Australia. Kush studied Hospitality Management in Sydney, after which he moved to Brisbane , Australia in 2011 to discover himself.

He is running Brisbane Cricket League INC along with his school mates Mr Paramjit Singh & Harry Singh who formed bonds during his initial days of playing cricket.

Community Impact with Reena and Mildred Ellwood

Milly is a Fashionista who is on the PR listings for events such as Fashion, Qld theatre, etc. She has won fashion on the field competition in the Brisbane horse race and participated and won both in Australia and overseas.

Community Impact with Ishita (International Student)

Community Impact with Ngan Giang

Ngan Giang is a Vietnamese hairstylist based in Brisbane. She came to Australia with no English, no skills with her, but she never waste her time, she studied, she helped people and today she is the best hairstylist in Brisbane.

Her passion to transform people by changing their hair, she believes that if you change your hair, you can change your life.

The best successful story of this amazing lady Giang Brooke has touched many lives.

Community Impact with Noel Whittaker

International bestselling author, finance and investment expert, radio broadcaster, newspaper columnist and public speaker. Check out our talk session video with Dr Noel Whittaker @noel_whit on the trending savings and investment topic

Community Impact with Myrna Widlend

Community Impact with Myrna Widlend Award Winning Vision Board Coach Entrepreneur, Co-Author & Speaker.

Community Impact with Stephen Dale

Stephen Dale has faced extreme obstacles in his life and business and understands how difficult it is to make big changes. His experiences have enabled him to develop practical programs in resilience, mental strength, goal achievement, critical thinking, and leadership.

He has worked with over 100,000 business professionals, community leaders, sales teams, youth groups, and elite sporting clubs throughout Australia. Watch the full video for motivational story from Stephen Dale.

Community impact with Yolanda Alvares

Community Impact with Yolanda. Yolanda is an empowered parenting consultant & coach, she is on a mission and is committed on her journey to raise awareness of empowerment style parenting. Where parents ‘parent’ from a space of power and create a safe space that enables their kids to be in their power too

Community Impact with Athenas Hardani

Athena Hardani, a 20-year-old Opera singer is a strong lady who saw the terrors of life in her early age. Losing her mom and sister to a boat accident, she was reunited with her father after days of searching. She truly is an inspiration for the young generation. Watch the full video to hear her story.

Community Impact with Juliana Neves Braga

Community Impact with Juliana Neves Braga, Career Counsellor at James Cook University Brisbane.

She has made a lot of difference in many international students career and she herself originally from Brazil, came in Australia as an International student. She wanted to convey message to all the students that to be Proactive, Prepare and Be Persistent. To become someone and never give up. Don’t let small things affect you and keeping going.