Multicultural Ambassador

Promoting Multiculturalism has been Reena’s dream since the time she started volunteering as a photographer in various community events organised by different ethnic groups.

BWF Sudirman Cup 2017:

Coming to the Gold Coastand announcing its Community Ambassadors

This year the Total Badminton World Federation Sudirman Cup is coming to theGold Coast, Australia,where the qualifying rounds will be held between 21- 28 May 2017 at the Carrara Sports and Leisure Center.

This is a momentous occasion, being the first time the Cup has been held outside of Asia or Europe since its founding in 1989. During a special event on March 17th at Jupiter’s Casino in the Gold Coast, an announcement was made regarding the global team draw for the participating teams for the mixed badminton championships.

This was done in front of over one hundred newly appointed BWF Sudirman Cup ambassadors. Their induction was organized by the Red Elephant, a fan engagement agency for the event. The Community ambassadors were chosen for their leadership roles in the community, as well as their ability to help promote awareness and cultural engagement for the event. Reena Augustine was given thehonorof being an Ambassador for the Indian community due to her dedication, volunteer-work and multiple contributions to the various communities in Australia, particularly her efforts to promote multiculturalism and bring different cultures together, at times through her organization The Red Carpet Functions.


Reena Augustine, representing the Indian Community for the Sudirman Cup 2017.

Photo credit: Red Elephant Group






Other ambassadors representing their own countries expressed support for their teams, and stated their desire to see unity in the communities in the Gold Coast. The cultural ambassadors who were in attendance included Palanichammy O. Thevar, President of the Federation of Indian Communities Queensland, Alicia Doherty, General Manager of the American Chamber of Commerce in Australia, Ted Fong, President of the Gold Coast Chinese Club and Irina Bruk, Honorary Consul General of Russia Queensland, to name a few.

The newly inducted Community Ambassadors for the Sudirman Cup 2017.

Photo credit: Red Elephant Group












The coveted prize of the tournament is the Sudirman trophy, made of pure silver and plated in 22 carat gold. It is named after Indonesian badminton player and leader, Dick Sudirman.

Reena Augustine with Vera Kos, the Indonesian Community Ambassador, and the Sudirman Cup

Photo credit: Red Elephant Group


Teams representing 28 countries will be split into three divisions, based on the teams’ respective world rankings. Group 1 has 12 teams (4 groups of 3 teams per group), Group 2 has 8 teams (2 groups of 4 teams per group) including Australia and Group 3 has 8 teams (2 groups of 4 teams per group).

China are the current champions, and are expected to move on to the quarter finals. The team from host nation Australia are pitted against Singapore, the USA and Austria.


Group 1 -Total BWF Sudirman Cup 2017

Group 1A

·         China

·         Thailand

·         Hong Kong

Group 1B

·         Korea

·         Chinese Taipei

·      Russia

Group 1C

·         Japan

·         Malaysia

·      England

Group 1D

·         Denmark

·         Indonesia

·      India


Group 2 – Total BWF Sudirman Cup 2017

Group 2A

·         Germany

·         Vietnam

·         Scotland

·         Canada

Group 2B

·         Singapore

·         Australia

·         United States of America

·         Austria



Group 3 – Total BWF Sudirman Cup 2017

Group 3A

·         New Zealand

·         New Caledonia

·         Macau

·         Guam

Group 3B

·         Sri Lanka

·         Slovakia

·         Tahiti

·         Fiji




Reena Augustine with other Indian Community Ambassadors

Photo credit: Red Elephant Group