Community Impact Prakruthi Mysore Gururaj Australia

Prakruthi Mysore Gururaj is a social entrepreneur, deputy leader for mental health foundation in Australia Queensland, a multicultural ambassador of Redcarpert Function, as well as community leader due to her contribution to multiculturalism, she also succeeds as a business analyst and a great mother of two beautiful children.

Community Impact Abby Lalka & Bhawna MMahajan

Abby Lalka is the founder of watches “Khalsa” and Bhawna MMahajan who is a makeup artist, actor, as well as a model in Brisbane.

Community Impact Debby Lo Dean Australia

Debby Lo-Dean was born and bred in GoldCoast as a fifth generation Queenslader. She plays many roles as an innovator, the board of directors at GoldCoast innovation Hub, a founder of a Paradise Distillers, as well as a community ambassador on the police multicultural community safety advisory commitee, as a creative person she has been involed with the film industry for sometimes now and she belives creativity is the key to thinking outside the box in order to create something new and remarkable.

Welcome to Australia Toowoomba flower festival 2021

Community Impact : Pria Camilla Shiam || Indoz TV

5 tips on anxiety and depression with Yolanda Alvares

Learn to validate the feelings support them through acceptance and confidence break the brain’s pattern tune into the body recognize the critical role of being a parent. Watch the interview with Yolanda Alvares for more detailed tips.

Community Impact with Reena Augustine and Vikas Sinha

Founder member of Aam Aadmi Party of Australia, past Vice President of GOPIO Queensland and a very active member of Australian Indian community. A strong supporter of change through quality education and communal harmony. He passionately volunteers at organisations that promote the same.

How to raise a Confident Leader Yolanda Alvares

Yolanda Alvares, Empowered Parenting Coach shares tips and techniques how to raise a confident leader. The goal is to understand what makes your child happy and tune into the happiness of your child by tuning into your own happiness.

Community Impact with Reena Augustine and Maria Artango

Maria Artango is the CEO of connect employment and CEO of employment, mentoring and coaching. Also a board member for Women Empowerment and Leadership Inc, she also is the secretary for Sunnybank Chambers of Commerce.

Community Impact with Reena Augustine and James Martin

James Martin is a long-term local with the passion and drive for his community. James has worked closely with Duncan Pegg MP since he was first elected to Parliament. Representing community members and organisations -helping them get the assistance and representation they are owed.