Community Impact with Ms Prerna Pahwa

Ms Prerna Pahwa is Founder and President for Simply Human, as well as revolutionary community service worker in Brisbane. She has been invited to Community Impact to share her inspirational journey.

“Recognize if there are any friends of yours, any strangers in your immediate surrounding who need help. Whatever you can do to help them in your own way, just do that. This basically will create a ripple effect, and start a chain of positivity”. This is the message to the youngster from amazing Prerna.

Community Impact with Mr Bob Pillay

Mr Bob Pillay, who was once an international student and now be the Operations Manager of Cornerstone Law offices, has been invited to Community Impact to share his story and journey in Australia. He would like to send message to international students that you should not be afraid and limit themselves. Instead, you should travel around and talk to people outside your little circles, take every opportunity and enjoy your time in this beautiful country.

Community Impact with Mr Duncan Pegg MP

Mr Duncan Pegg MP, who is state member for Stretton, has been invited to Community Impact to share his future plan about what he wants to do for the community and provides upgrading services for the higher convenience of people in growing Stretton area.

Community Impact with Prakruthi Mysore

Prakruthi Mysore is a well-known multicultural influencer in Queensland. She inspires other people with her amazing story, her confidence and enthusiasm. Prakruthi would like to tell the youngster, especially international students, that “Be generous, just say “Yes” to an opportunity and don’t think much about how you’re going to do with this”. This is because you’re going to learn many things from it, and become a better version of yourself.

Community Impact with Mr Surendra Prashad

“Hate” is very strong and damaging emotion to your spirit, as well as the relationships surrounding you. Mr Prashad thinks we should have a goal, be responsible and not hate anybody.

Community Impact with Seema Malla

Seema Malla has been doing a lot for the community, guiding and helping domestic violence victims with both mental health and financial issues. Also, in this interview, she would like to say that age is never going to be an obstacle if you have clear visions, and be hard-working toward your dreams. Let’s keep on learning, evolving and trying new things.

Community Impact with Kritika Bansal

Kritika Bansal had an amazing journey as an international student in Australia. She has been supporting a lot of events, both big and small, and giving the audience Bollywood taste. An advice from Kritika for international students is to follow your passion to keep yourself motivated.

Community Impact with Ms Lynne Rose

With Red Carpet Functions, Lynne has been doing a lot for our multicultural community in Brisbane, as well as in Queensland generally. In this inspiring talk, a message from Lynne Rose for those who are seeking to become actors/actresses or models is to explore every opportunity you can, whether it’s paid or unpaid, since learning is a more important thing.

Community Impact with Mr Cornor Adams

Community Impact has done an interview with Mr Cornor Adams, Senior Associate of Aurum Private Wealth to discuss Specialist Disability Accommodation, which aims to support vulnerable Australians. This great initiative can also provide opportunities for those seeking to migrate to Australia using the 132A Business Talent Visa in investments with positive social impact.

Community Impact with Ms Carmel Carmichael

Community Impact has invited Carmel Carmichael from Fresh Food Promotions to share her amazing story and passion for cooking. She would like to tell everybody that no matter what culture is, the core thing of cooking is bringing family together.